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19 Newspaper Editorials Who Oppose Amendment 1

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Oct 21, 2016

Find out if your city supports solar!

Amendment 1 will be on your November ballot. Don’t be misled; this is NOT a pro-solar measure. Instead, it is a deceptive amendment backed by monopoly utilities, which seeks to stifle solar energy and keep Floridians captive power consumers.

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Eco-Friendly Home Becomes A Green Learning Model for Students

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Oct 19, 2016

The 125-year-old Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, recently built a new eco-friendly home for faculty members to serve as a high-performance residence and learning space for students. The house, which features cutting-edge sustainable technology, has received multiple awards for environmental innovations, including the LEED Platinum certification under the Building Design and Construction rating system for Homes. It is the first building in Connecticut to achieve that status, as well as the first in the state to be certified as a Passive House by the Passive House Institute U.S.

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6 Solar Myths - Busted!

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Oct 13, 2016

America’s solar industry is going through a record-breaking period. Just this year, it’s expected that the number of solar panels installed will rise 94 percent from 2015, and solar panel jobs are increasing exponentially. We’re finally on our way to more sustainable and renewable lifestyles. But even though solar panel demand continues to grow and installation prices dropped, people still have some misconceptions about what it means to go solar.

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Solar-Powered Airports Are Taking Off

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Oct 11, 2016

It’s common enough to look out your airplane window as you’re moving down the terminal lanes. You’ll usually see a lot of concrete. Maybe some grass. But what if that space was used for solar panels?

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Does Solar Work in a Blackout?

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Oct 6, 2016

With Hurricane Matthew on its way and the potential of many other storms on the horizon, it’s important to stay prepared for extreme weather and the possibility of losing power, not having enough food, and running out of water. 

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Bullet-Proof Armor… Coming Soon to a Power Grid Near You!

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Oct 5, 2016

Back in 2013, utility power grids were protected by little more than a chain link fence. This ultimately was ineffectual against the Metcalf sniper attack, when gunmen fired on the Metcalf Transmission Substation in California, resulting in $15 million worth of damage. While the substation owners were able to prevent power outages, it was clear that a similar attack elsewhere could cause severe power outages.

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Want to Go Solar? Here are 3 Ways to Get Started

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Sep 28, 2016

With solar panel prices cheaper than they’ve ever been, the extreme environmental benefit, and plentiful positive press (not to mention all the savings you’ll get with a PV system), it’s easy to see why so many people are going solar. Still, it’s a big decision that often intimidates many people. To help soothe the process, we’ve broken down how to get started with solar into 3 easy steps:

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Solar Power’s Getting Woven into Fabric

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Sep 26, 2016

Fabric designer Marianne Fairbanks and Trisha Andrew, an organic chemistry professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, have teamed up to make solar fabric. While this isn’t anything new (solar fabric has been around for 15 years), Fairbanks and Andrew’s design is a whole lot sleeker and it works a whole lot better.

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The Asia Super Grid is Coming

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Sep 22, 2016

Entrepreneurs in China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding towards developing the Asia Super Grid. It will interconnect areas around their countries, transmitting electrical power from solar panels.

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L’Oréal USA is Going Solar

Posted by Marisa Petrick on Sep 21, 2016

Cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal USA recently announced its plan to build thousands of solar panels at its production facilities in Florence, Kentucky and North Little Rock, Arkansas. The move, which will cut carbon emissions and create two of the largest solar projects in each state, comes as part of the company's global sustainability strategy: Sharing Beauty with All.

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