6 Solar Myths - Busted!

America’s solar industry is going through a record-breaking period. Just this year, it’s expected that the number of solar panels installed will rise 94 percent from 2015, and solar panel jobs are increasing exponentially. We’re finally on our way to more sustainable and renewable lifestyles. But even though solar panel demand continues to grow and installation prices dropped, people still have some misconceptions about what it means to go solar.

To clear up any confusion, here are the 6 most common solar myths, debunked:

1. Myth: Solar panels will damage my roof

Fact: While photovoltaic solar panels are drilled into your roof, your roof is still protected. Reputable and licensed solar installers follow industry best practices like using quality flashed mounts to waterproof roof penetrations. Further, Superior Solar systems can actually give your roof a little bit of protection: because our systems are installed directly into your roof’s trusses, they’re able to keep ahold even in extreme weather. Well installed systems actually withstand hurricane force winds!

After Hurricane Charlie hit in 2004
2. Myth: Solar panels don’t work in the cold

Fact: Solar actually works best in cooler weather. Does that mean you shouldn’t get solar if you live someplace with extreme heat or extreme cold? Not at all. Varying weather and temperatures may just mean that you need a slightly larger or smaller system than what’s average. Either way, if there’s daylight, then your panels are going to be working well. Solar systems are built to withstand varying temperatures and can produce electricity from indirect light.

3. Myth: Solar panels are ugly

Fact: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! But really, new panel technologies and hidden racking solutions make solar a beautiful addition to a house. Also, solar power companies can usually offer you a couple of different options on where you want to put your solar panels if you don’t want to see them from one side of your home. Of course, we’re alway going to recommend the side of your roof that will have the best energy output (the south side), but we want you to be happy with the placement of your system.

4. Myth: Solar panels aren’t allowed by my HOA

Fact: If you live in Florida, your homeowners’ association is required by law to allow you to get solar. We have what’s called a solar access law which says that your HOA cannot restrict your right to have solar panels. However, it’s perfectly normal if your HOA requires you to submit your plans and/or permits, and good solar power companies will help you through that.

5. Myth: Solar panels are too expensive

Fact: While solar has a large initial expense, the savings from a system far outweigh its costs. On average, people save $100-$200 on their electricity bill. Government tax credits are offered to offset the cost of a solar system by up to 30 percent. Net metering practices are in place to buy back solar consumers’ excess electricity. Plus, a U.S. Department of Energy study showed that buyers will pay $15,000 more for a home that has just a small solar system installed.

6. Myth: Solar panels require too much maintenance

Fact: Solar systems last a long time, sometimes up to 40 years, and typically have a warranty. But usually, the only thing that affects solar system’s energy output is dust and dirt that builds up over many months. Luckily, that’s not a significant issue in Florida because of our frequent rains.

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