Advantages of Solar Energy for Your Home and Wallet

What is a Photovoltaic Solar Module?

A PV module is a system that converts light from the sun into usable energy. There are two primary types of PV systems - grid tied and stand alone. The most popular grid tied system is designed to operate with your utility company and any unused power is then fed back to the electric company to be used at a later time. Stand alone systems are designed to stand independent of the power grid and use batteries to store energy.

What are Advantages of Solar Energy?advantages-of-solar-energy-home

  • Innovation and performance. Photovoltaic electricity has been the fastest growing energy technology over the last decade. The systems come with a 25 year warranty and are built to last decades.  

  • Return on investment. Installing solar in your home is one of the safest investments you can make. Superior solar is now able to provide solar PV systems for less than what most people pay for utility-fed electricity. As electricity prices continue to rise, your PV system will continue to supply electricity at today's rates, and the savings will grow.  

  • Financing options. Superior Solar financing options and low energy costs make solar photovoltaic electric systems an affordable option for every homeowner. They require no money down, and they only use the funds that would have otherwise gone to your utility.

  • Environmentally-friendly. PV systems use clean power and emit no pollution or greenhouse gasses. By choosing solar, you’re not only choosing to save money. You’re also helping protect the environment.

  • Cooler house: Solar panels are installed on the sunniest roof on your home.  The panels provide shading and cooling for your roof, which further reduces your home’s air conditioning demand loads.

  • Stability and Security: Energy prices are known to fluctuate, but when most of your energy is provided from your own solar system, the utility’s rate hikes are irrelevant.

  • Tax Credit. PV electricity systems qualify for a 30% Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit from the government. This credit is set to expire in 2016.

PV modules can be used for all your electricity needs around the household. They tie into your primary supply, so they run everything from your washer to your TV. The advantages of solar energy abound in this day and age.

By installing photovoltaic solar modules to provide energy for your home, you are making one of the safest investments on the market. Electricity bills will continue to climb while you create your own energy through the power of natural sunlight. Depending on the system you pick, your investment can pay for itself in a matter of years, while saving you money on the electric bill.

Even better, PV electrical systems qualify for up to 30% Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credits with the government’s effort to move toward cleaner, renewable sources of energy for households.

Advantages of Solar for Heating your Water

By using Superior Solar’s PV modules, you can reduce your hot water bill up to 90 percent! Over a 20 year period; thousands of dollars can be saved on your water heating bills. There are two types of solar water heating for your home: active and passive. Active heating uses a pump to move heated water throughout the house.

Passive heating foregoes the pump and uses natural thermosiphon effect to circulate the water inside the panel. Water provided by the passive systems can provide a home with up to 75% of the heated water used by the family. Of all systems, the passive water heating pays for itself the fastest, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the active system.  



Advantages of Solar Energy for Your Pool

Solar heating is by far the most cost-efficient way to maintain your pool’s temperature all year long. Compared to gas heaters, solar electric will save you hundreds if not thousands on pool upkeep, letting you enjoy the addition your home without worrying about cost of maintenance.

The solar panels themselves are maintenance free, lasting for 20 years or longer.

Superior Solar is the sole provider of new Heliocol solar technology for pool systems in Orlando and Central Florida territories. The Heliocol panels are specifically suited for the environment of Florida, including being certified to survive through Florida's notorious winds and storm conditions. These panels come most recommended by roofers and insurance companies in charge of replacing solar panels destroyed in Florida storms, and is the only panel appropriate for a house built with a flat roof.

Learn more about solar energy and the pricing options available for converting to solar with Superior Solar. By going solar now, finance options give you the chance to pay nothing up-front, and reduce you and your family’s carbon footprint.

* This Federal tax credit is set to expire in 2016.

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