What are the Best Florida Solar Panels for Homeowners?

Since Florida is the sunshine state, Florida solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. They save time, they save energy, they save money, they're good for the environment, and they provide users a means of independence from conventional energy grid options.  There really are no downsides to solar panels, except for the panels themselves.  Which ones are the best for Florida homeowners?

Estimates & Costs

There are some things you can look at to determine whether the contractor for panels is right for you.  First, you need to know that the cost of solar panels differs depending on the property where they're being installed.  A bigger property will usually use more energy, which means it will usually require more solar panels.  This means more parts, materials, and installation.  Sometimes surrounding flora must be trimmed.  Especially in Florida, where lizards own the billion trees, sunlight can be restricted by foliage.  Trimming it such that the solar panels reach their maximum effectiveness may cost a little extra.  So the best solar panel organizations offer this service right up front: they'll look at your property from a satellite and determine what kind of costs will be involved with it.  Then they'll come on-site and double check to ensure their estimates haven't missed any exigencies which aren't visible from the air.


Every solar panel operation in Florida does this before rendering a quote; but some of them are going to charge for it.  Dismiss those individuals immediately. Any solar panel organization that must charge for quotation necessarily can't meet its bottom line enough to transition into the next realm of business, where there is no cost involved in a quotation.  If the business hasn't gotten along enough to eat the cost of an estimate, then they're going to try and wring every penny they can out of you.  The thing about solar panels is, they usually are a one-time investment.  So burgeoning organizations which have yet to solidify their yearly increase must naturally expect more from their customers.  A red flag for this is estimate fees.

Trust & Accreditations

Florida solar panels have been used regularly enough that there should be some statistics backing up their effectiveness.  Statistics which can be gauged and vetted by organizations like OUC.  Look for a solar panel agency that is an OUC Preferred Contractor.  See if there are business awards associated with their contracting service.  Like Better Business Bureau accreditation, or Angie's List Super Service Awards.


A good warranty is important, too.  Florida solar panels will, by and large, be cumulatively effective and maintenance free over time.  But hurricanes could care less about how much you have or haven't spent on any aspect of the property you own.  Hurricanes just want to blow everything around and leave a mess.  So even the most well put-together solar panels will be subject to the exigencies of weather.  A good warranty is absolutely integral.

The solar panels themselves are not actually the best tell.  The thing is, homeowners can purchase the panels personally if they really want to; but installing the system, calibrating it, ensuring the panels are in the area where the most sunlight will come statistically--these kinds of things are all-important, and since the vast majority of the population doesn't have years to devote in an education pertaining to installation of such systems, solid contractors are what to look for in regards to a solar energy system.  To that end, Superior Solar has been consistently defined as the number one solar contractor in Central Florida.  That doesn't come without cause, and their multiple accreditations, free estimates, and strong warranties conjoin with customer service for the highest excellence.


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