The Best Portable Solar Panels for RVs

Searching for an RV park with an up-to-date charging station can be difficult with technology changing at a rapid pace. This is where portable solar panels for RVs can be a huge convenience when on the road. Yes, solar panels have gone mobile, so to speak. No longer are you restricted to saving money at your home or business, now you can take your energy savings on the road.

What Size is Right?

Typically, RV batteries can be either, group 24, group 26 or 6v.  Depending on what group your battery bank falls, this will determine the wattage of the portable system. RV Campers in the in the south, including Central Florida, can get by on a smaller kit unlike campers in the northern states.  Here are some factors to consider when choosing portable solar panels.

  1. best-portable-solar-panels-rvsAmount of Daily Power Use: You should have a good understanding on the amount of power you consume each day. If not, monitor this for a week or so and record your usage. After making the correct panels purchase, this consumption can be replaced by solar.
  2. Your Travels:  Travelling to the less sunny northern states, especially where cloudy days are the norm, may require a large portable solar system.
  3. The Season:  If you plan to travel to the northern climate to visit relatives during the holidays, a larger system would be in order.

Obviously, the choice of your travels is a matter of preference, but your preference should align with your solar needs. Here is a list of some of the best portable solar panels on the market.

  1. With 4.5 star rating at Amazon, Go Power! GP-PSK-120 has a quick and easy setup and more importantly a 25 year warranty.  The built in 10 ampere solar controller this 120 Watts portable panels will quickly charge up a 12 volt battery quickly from the sun.
  2. With a wide variety of portable solar panels ranging from 40 watts to 200 watts, Zamp Solar Portable Systems have the ability to recharge single and multi-bank batteries.  The wattage you choose depends on the geographic area you travel in.  Lower wattage works best for areas that get a lot of sunshine and higher wattage, larger system would be the choice for places with less sunshine.

Regardless, you owe it to yourself to get the most from your money and portable solar panels is just one of those important financial decisions you should consider.  If you are ready to power up even more of your life, consider Superior Solar. The Superior Solar experts are Central Florida's solar experts in heating your pool, installing efficient solar water heaters and reducing your electric cost by switching your home over to solar.  With a 30% federal tax credit and no money out of pocket, the time to switch is now. Request a quote by clicking here. Our friendly staff will quickly have you on your way to energy savings soon!


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