How Does the Heliocol Pool Solar Heater Work?

Everyone knows that solar heating means a system powered by energy from the sun. But when looking into purchasing a pool solar heater, some may be at a loss for how they’re able to warm up such a large volume of water, especially when the cost to operate is so low. Heliocol solar pool heaters function generally the same as all others, except more effectively.

Each solar pool heater has the same basic system components including solar collectors (the panels often found on rooftops), a vacuum breaker, control valves and check valves. Most often, the existing pump can be used as is, but sometimes this needs to be upgraded or complemented.

Now to explain it simply: solar pool heating systems work by circulating your pool water through the system’s pipes and panels.

As the pump pushes water through the pool filter, any debris is filtered out of the lines allowing water to easily flow through. The water travels up to the solar collectors where it is warmed by heat from the sun, and then the water flows back down another set of lines and re-enters your pool. This doesn’t mean the temperature of your pool is going to be scorching, though. You can set a thermostat to a desired temperature so that once the pool water reaches desired temperature, the valves bypass the solar system so your pool doesn’t overheat.


Unlike competing brands, Heliocol solar heaters are capable of heating your pool water to higher temperatures, while doing it efficiently. Heliocol panels are known to collect about 4% more energy than others.

Heliocol panels can even be used to cool down water temperatures in hot months. Circulating water at night when the air is cooler draws in a more refreshing water temperature to enjoy during the day. Pretty neat, right?

Pool solar heater systems are a perfect, cost-effective way to enjoy your pool nearly year round. Solar pool heating can reduce your electric bill, and getting started is easy. Contact us today for a free quote to find out how much solar pool heating can save you.

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