How to Install a Pool Heater

When it comes to purchasing a solar pool heating system, the installation is usually better left to the professionals. Superior Solar offers a warranty on not only all Heliocol solar heater parts, but also on our labor services.  Our Heliocol solar panels and Heliocol components come with a 12-year warranty on all parts and labor. We guarantee satisfaction with our products and services, and there isn’t a problem we can’t help you fix.

Want to know how we do it? Here’s a step-by-step layout of how to install a solar pool heater.

Step 1. The Solar Collector. The first step in the installation of your solar pool heater is the installation of the panels (or solar collectors). Heliocol panels can be attached to roofs, patios or the ground if space allows. Our technicians situate the panels where they will best receive direct sunlight, generally facing south. The panels are attached directly to your roof trusses with gator clamps. The special clamp design eliminates the need for straps, thus yielding fewer roof penetrations.

Before installing the gator clamps, the underlying roof trusses are located.  The gator clamps are then connected directly into the trusses to ensure the connections remains solid and leak free for the life of the roof and the solar system.  This is one of the most important parts of properly installing a solar system.  Competitor systems utilize straps or other connection methods that demand extra penetrations and only connect with trusses on a fraction of their roof penetrations.  

how-install-pool-heaterStep 2. The Piping. The second step our installers take is setting up the piping between the collectors and your existing pool pump. Using Heliocol CPVC pipe connectors and panel clamps, the panels are coupled with the feed and return piping. Technicians always follow the layout of your roof and exterior home walls from the panels to the pump for a clean look.  The piping on the existing pump is modified with new valves to turn the system off and on. We connect the solar after the filter to insure clean water flows through the panels.

Step 3. The Control System. Most clients opt for the automatic control in order to change the desired temperature of your heating system. Our technicians install the controller and associated sensors near your existing pool equipment. Wtihout the automatic control, homeowners need to turn the valves on and off manually to control the pool temperatures.  Automatic controls also help improve system performance by quickly turning it off during rains or cold spells.  

Valves are then installed in the piping to help regulate water temperature. A check valve allows water to flow only in one direction, while an isolation valve is used to isolate the collector loop (the water flowing up to the panels). An auto flow diverter (i.e. actuator valve) is used by the controller to divert flow to the collectors when heating. A water  temperature sensor is installed in the pool pipes to measure pool water temperature, and a high temperature sensor is attached near the collectors to measure the solar energy absorbed by the panels. Once installed, our technicians run the wiring from each sensor back to the controller.

Step 4. More Valves. Our team also installs another set of valves on the solar pool heating system to isolate the system for servicing. A vacuum breaker is also installed to enable the system to drain out water when the circulation pump stops operating.  Proper layout of the panels and plumbing combined with the use of a vacuum breaker are critical for protecting the system against freeze damage.

Step 5. Explanation and Warranty. Superior Solar technicians always make sure that you understand how your system works before the installation process is considered complete. You will be equipped with a homeowner’s manual for basic instructions and small troubleshooting, but don’t forget about your warranty should anything malfunction. We also have videos available online to help explain more details about the system.


Well, there you have it. That’s the general overview of how our team provides you with a Heliocol solar pool heating system. Just like any other major project, the details make the difference between a perfectly working system and a troublesome installation.  Now it makes more sense why we said you should probably leave it up to the professionals, don’t you agree?

Call Superior Solar today at (407) 331-9077 or visit our website to take the first step in enjoying your pool year-round!

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