How Much Do Solar Panels Save on Energy Bills

Equipping your home with photovoltaic (PV) for electricity and solar heated water is not only a green option, it can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the system. This will lower your monthly power bills and once the system is paid for, you will have free energy for many years. The life expectancy of PV solar for electricity and solar hot water heating systems will far exceed its initial cost.

Power your Home with Sunshine

By adding PV solar modules to your home, you can convert the energy of the sun into electricity. The typical savings over a twenty-year period is projected at $20,000 for a small system. In states with higher populations and higher energy costs such as, New York, California and Florida, that savings can exceed $30,000 over the same 20-year period.  The savings get multiplied with the size of the system.  

When you also add a solar hot water heating system to your home, you will see further savings on your monthly utility bill. A solar powered hot water system can pay for itself in three to ten years. Financing that is available for both systems can help you add these systems to your home and both types of systems qualify for a 30% Renewable Federal Tax Credit from the Federal government with additional rebates available from some local utilities. 




Cost Effective

How much do solar panels save will depend on several factors, which include the size of your home and the electrical needs of your home. This will determine the numbers of panels you will need, which also applies to solar hot water systems. With solar hot water, the number of panels necessary will depend on the number of residents in the home.

20150401_114409.pngNew Construction or Existing Homes

Adding a PV solar electric system and solar hot water heating can be an addition to your existing home or can be part of the overall design of a new home. Thinking about solar in the home design stage helps minimize installation costs and maximize performance.  For example, the southern facing roof could be designed at the proper angle, and with a sizable area for the solar system. Also, the electric box could be pre-designed for the solar system to avoid added expenses.  By integrating these systems in a new home that is properly cited and includes other energy saving features, you can enjoy a home that is highly efficient and will produce very small or even negative energy bills.  

Adding modern green solar systems to your existing home is a way to lower your monthly utility costs and will add value to your home. Whether you are looking for a system for new construction or and existing home, getting a quote from an Energy Specialist is the beginning of your energy savings.

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As with any new system that you add to your home, you want to know the benefit of the initial expense, as well as the return on investment in order to find out how much solar panels save on your utilities. PV solar electric and solar hot water systems fit this criterion and one of our professional Energy Specialists can calculate how much.

A PV solar electric and solar hot water system will add value to your home and save you money. One of the professionals at Superior Solar can come to your home and provide you with a quote for PV solar electric and solar hot water heating, and show you the savings of these systems. This will assist you with making your decision to equip your home with clean, green solar energy. To find out how much solar panels save for powering your home and providing your hot water contact us today.

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