How to Lower Your Electric Bill with Solar Energy

If you're wondering how to lower your electric bill, one of the best ways is through solar energy.  Solar energy can become the primary source of your house's electricity.  It can also heat your home's water, and provide temperature control for your pool.

Orlando is one of the larger cities in Florida.  Florida's called the sunshine state.  It's called the sunshine state for a reason: some of the greatest amount of solar influence is wielded over this tropical locale.   Oranges are famous if they come from Florida; and there's a reason for that; again, it's primarily solar.  The wetlands combine with lots of sunshine to make the state not only temperate and tropically viable, but lucrative in an energy sense as well.  Should it be any surprise that the 21st century sees regular people tapping into this energy more than ever?

Solar energy makes sense.  Consider this: in Orlando, average monthly costs for energy are $194 and some change.  For the purposes of this article, it's just going to be called $200.  After all, $2400 a year and $2338 aren't all that different, are they? Now say your house is of such a size, roof-space, and location that a solar energy system could be installed for $6000.  In three years, you've actually begun to make money.  And solar energy options usually offer financing.  This means if you don't have $6000 up front, you can finance it at a reasonable APR.  This will extend the time it takes you to get the system paid off, but you'll usually still be saving money on electricity; and once the system is entirely paid off, you begin to save enough that in reference to neighbors, you're actually making money.


In ten years, an extra $2000 a year has now become $20,000.  That's a collegiate education, isn't it?  In eighteen years, you're looking at $38,000.  Now that's a good education.  Or it's community college for four kids to get a two year degree.  You just paid for your family's higher education just by switching energy sources.

And solar energy doesn't stop at simply your home's electric energy.  When asking how to lower your electric bill, you've got to get creative.  How to lower your electric bill successfully relies not only on where your energy comes from, but how you use it.  You can get the whole house on solar energy, but if you neglect to switch the water heater to the same reservoir collected by the panels, you'll still be paying the city to heat your water.  You need to go all the way; it'll save more money, aggravation, and time.


Orlando residents are probably going to have a pool, too. In the winter it needs to be about ten degrees hotter, in the summer, cooler.  Believe it or not, solar pool heaters have proven themselves exceptionally viable in maintaining pool temperature automatically, cost-effectively, and realistically.

So save yourself money.  Spend a little, and once the solar energy system is paid off, get income from your electricity.

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