Solar Pool Panels vs Gas In Ground Pool Heaters

Whether you are having a pool newly installed, or you have had one for a few years and have decided it's time to invest in a heater, a swimming pool heater is always a great option. There are a lot of heating options available but most recently, solar pool panels are a cost-effective option on the rise. Here, we take a look at solar pool panels versus gas in ground pool heaters.

Gas Inground Pool Heaters

Gas heaters function by using either:

  • Propane
  • Natural gas

The process of producing heat comes from a combustion chamber, containing copper coils. These coils have water passing through them as the propane or natural gas burns. As the coils heat up, this heat is then used to heat your inground pool. This has been a very popular option for many years now. However, the price of gas has gone up dramatically over the past few years and this has made consumers look into other options (like solar power) that may be more affordable.



The ongoing cost of the gas involved turns people off from this method. You can easily spend anywhere from $300 to $500 on monthly operating costs. Not to mention, gas in ground pool heaters don’t last very long.

Life Span

Gas inground pool heaters tend to have issues after just five years because of the maintenance involved.

Carbon Footprint

Use of natural gas or protein emits air pollution, making them far less ‘green’ of an option; especially when you compare them to something like solar panels. Solar power is clean and efficient.

solar-pool-panels-vs-gas-in-ground-pool-heaters.pngSolar Pool Heaters

Solar panels can be used to transfer heat from the sun, to your inground pool. As they sit on your roof in the sun, they collect heat. A pump is used in between the panels and the pool and the pump pushes water through the solar panels. This water is heated during this process and then it is pumped back into pool to warm the rest of the water.

Initial Investment

With $0 down and affordable financing plans, solar investment isn’t as costly as people think. And the great thing about solar panels is that after you invest initially and have them installed, there really is no cost to operate them. You simply ensure that they are safe and undamaged. Then you can sit back and reap the benefits.

Life Span

Solar panels last up to twenty years or more with little to no maintenance costs.

Environmentally Safe And Friendly

Solar power is emission-free. You can rest assured knowing you are leaving behind a much smaller carbon footprint when you incorporate solar power into your life.

It is wise to investigate each of your inground pool heaters options in order to make the most cost effective and beneficial decision you can, but remember solar power is quickly becoming the frontrunner of power sources not just for pool heaters but for home use and corporate use as well. This is a big decision. One that will affect the use of your pool and your pocket book, for many years to come. For more information you can always contact your local pool company for more information or you can investigate further with a solar company such as Superior Solar.

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