Home value with solar panels

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Jan 15, 2018

Homeowner Investments

Homeowners can be a funny bunch. They might spend an exorbitant amount of time pulling weeds, blowing driveways, researching solutions like, “How to remove calcium deposits from granite,” and maybe even wondering how to stop weeds from growing to begin with! Another thing most homeowners do is figure out ways to save money and also add value to their homes.

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7 Cheap Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 11, 2017

Spruce up you home with these inexpensive fixes and improvements

  1. Give Your Kitchen a Facelift
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Elon’s at It Again: Solar Roofs are Here

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Nov 18, 2016

It’s accurate to say that Elon Musk and Tesla like being in the spotlight. They certainly deserve it with the range of products they have to offer. Powerwall 2.0, anyone? But now they’ve gone and announced something even cooler: Solar roofs.


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Eco-Friendly Home Becomes A Green Learning Model for Students

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 19, 2016

The 125-year-old Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, recently built a new eco-friendly home for faculty members to serve as a high-performance residence and learning space for students. The house, which features cutting-edge sustainable technology, has received multiple awards for environmental innovations, including the LEED Platinum certification under the Building Design and Construction rating system for Homes. It is the first building in Connecticut to achieve that status, as well as the first in the state to be certified as a Passive House by the Passive House Institute U.S.

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Is My Home Eligible for Home Improvement Grants?

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 15, 2015

Below we have listed several home improvement grants and loans which you may wish to apply for. Please note acceptance is not guaranteed in all cases. It isn’t an exhaustive list but to give you an idea of what is available. Note, most grants have an expiration date, so do check the grant is still current before making an application.

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 10, 2015

Roofing materials do age and eventually require a full replacement. The average lifespan of a shingled roof is 20 to 25 years, assuming the roof you have was properly installed as a single layer with good ventilation. Some roofs will not last quite so long. 

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5 Exterior Home Remodeling Projects with Long-term Benefits

Posted by Superior Solar Team on Oct 1, 2015

Summer is a great time to do some exterior home remodeling. There are many alterations and additions to choose from which add to the value of your home. The following are five affordable and financially smart remodeling projects that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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